What Is Team Building

Many people ask, “What is team building?” At Freax, we believe that team building is one of the most valuable tools you can give your company. Team building encourages communication and personal development, it improves staff relationships and it promotes self-confidence and self-awareness. We believe that by delivering the very best team building experiences to companies, we can support those companies to build exceptional teams, which in turn helps them to achieve great success.

One of the best ways to fully appreciate what team building is – and how it works when it’s done well – is to join Freax for a team-building course. Freax deliver highly tailored team building courses designed to the unique requirements of your team. If you feel your team would enjoy the challenges of axe throwing and rock climbing, we can plan your course around those activities. If you a feel a treasure hunt or walking might be a better match for your personnel, then that’s what we will provide.

If you are not sure what team building is, or what activities would suit your team, we will be able to help. We have extensive experience in working with a vast range of different groups of people and we understand team dynamics. We’re perfectly placed to design the ideal teambuilding course for your team, no matter how diverse the range of characters may be.

Team building is proven to have a fantastically positive psychological affect on the participants. By removing people from their everyday environment the normal workplace hierarchy is dissolved and communication is allowed to flourish across the levels throughout the company in a way that might not previously have been possible. This deeper sense of communication remains with the individuals long after the team building course has finished, and brings with it a higher degree of respect and trust amongst co-workers.

Both large and small firms can have problems, with rifts developing amongst individuals. For those situations where a problem has arisen between members of your company, team building can be instrumental in re-building the relationship, ensuring that the issues are resolved and the workforce can enjoy harmonious relationships. Activities such as raft building will encourage people to pull together which can prove invaluable in helping individuals to change their opinions of each other and perceive qualities in others that they had not previously seen.

Team building shows people in a radically different light to that of the office environment, which can be an incredible tool for employers. It can be easy to overlook some of your staff, especially in a large company, and team building gives you the opportunity to get to know their strengths and weaknesses better. This in turn means you can utilise your staff more effectively in your company.

To enquire about your next team building event, and to learn more about the inherent benefits of team building for both businesses and individuals please contact us for a friendly discussion on 0121 327 5972.