Outdoor Corporate Team Building Activities

Just about every director prefers the business to hit your objectives, and so they should never ignore staff building. Have good add-ons in the exact location having casino spiele kostenlos download. Limited offer. All things considered, success will depend on not just about the company in the industrial element of the corporation, but also about the human relationships in the team.

Freax Adventures specialise in providing bespoke corporate outdoor team building activities and training days to suit the individual requirements of your company. As well as great days out on mountain walks or river journeys, there are specific outdoor corporate team building activities that enable your team to develop and grow together in the great outdoors. We know that people react differently away from the office environment – we see it all the time when team after team of people are set free in the great outdoors. Away from the strict hierarchy of office life, they positively bloom in the wild spaces and freedom of the natural environment.

We make sure that our outdoor activities are enjoyable, inclusive and totally achievable, with the accent on passing time together rather than competing with one another.

We also believe that any time spent out of doors with colleagues is a sensory experience that has a great many positive effects on people, increasing a sense of well-being and positive involvement. Here are a few of the outdoor activities Freax Adventures can provide for you and your team…


Archery is fantastic fun and the sense of achievement as your aim gradually improves is very rewarding. As well as the basics for hitting the target, we will teach you the right techniques to improve with every shot.


Shooting activities can be carried out with a variety of different air rifles and pistols and a variety of different targets. It can be a competition or just a matter of seeking personal improvement.

Raft building

This is a fantastic way to have fun and build team cohesion and confidence at the same time. We provide all the materials you will need, plus the necessary skills and techniques for building a proper water-worthy raft. We can also deliver this activity to a venue near you if that makes it more convenient.

Climbing wall

At Freax Adventures, we can offer our own indoor climbing wall for your personal use wherever you please. Climbing on a climbing wall is safe, fun and incredibly good for you. It’s also a great test of strength, agility, courage and teamwork, requiring problem-solving skills as well as teamwork and communication.

Mountain walking

For an inspirational corporate outdoor team building activity, why not join one of our mountain-walking programmes? Or if you’d like to be tested a little bit more, you could always plump for mountain biking. Either way, we have tracks that are fit for all participants, from beginners to experts.

 These are just a small sample of the events available for your corporate team building activities. For more information on any one of these activities, give Aaron or John a call today on 0121 327 5972 or 07875 465 219 / 07971 000 598.