Client Entertainment

Client entertainment can be a challenge, but with Freax you can rest assured that your client entertainment will be matched perfectly to any given situation and delivered with the utmost professionalism by the Freax team. Whatever you want to achieve, Freax will be able to execute a brilliant client entertainment package to help you obtain the outcome you desire.

Client entertainment can be an invaluable tool to assist you in developing and strengthening your relationship with a client. You may feel the need to get to know your client on a more personal basis, in order to improve your ongoing communication and to understand your client’s requirements. It can be profoundly useful to take your dialogue out of the boardroom and into the open air. It may help you to reach conclusions that you hadn’t previously been able to manage, or could facilitate with the progression of difficult conversations. Talking side by side rather than face to face can improve communication.

Client entertainment is also a fantastic way to celebrate with your client. If you worked successfully together on a project, which has reached or exceeded your targets, we can put together a package to suit both you and your client. All of our packages are designed exclusively to satisfy your needs. We are adept at understanding the differing personalities involved in any given situation and adapting our provisions accordingly.

Client entertainment has traditionally been used by larger firms who are cultivating higher end deals with their clients. The principles of using client entertainment remain the same across the board, no matter what size the firm. Clients will stay with firms where they feel appreciated and valued, and by providing good quality entertainment you promote this feeling for your client. Appreciation will serve you well in your relationship, and can help you should mistakes occur. If you have a human relationship with your clients where they feel valued, they are more likely to accept it if you make a mistake, as we are all human. If you are simply a faceless corporation they are less likely to be so accommodating.

It is important to remember that client entertainment cannot be used as a tax break. However it is still more tax efficient to finance client entertainment through your firm, rather than via your own pocket. If you any queries about the tax issues surrounding client entertainment please talk to your accountant.

Part of the value of client entertainment is saying thank you. No matter what the size or scale of your business, it is important to thank people. And when you need your thank you to carry a little more weight, make it a Freax thank you. Our client entertainment package will help you to convey your thanks in a far more memorable way.

To enquire about your next client entertainment event, and to learn more about the inherent benefits of client entertainment please contact us for a friendly discussion on 0121 327 5972, or give us an email.