Planet Earth II

Posted on 30th November 2016.

This week on Planet Earth II,  we saw another lion attack, this time on a buffalo, which was a different approach again to taking down their prey. Last week we saw a pride of lions struggling to find food in the desert environment in which they live. They cover a range of 120 miles per week, looking for food. Excitingly they see a herd of antelope ahead of them and the chase is on. The lions run for dear life to try and catch their prey. One solitary lion is seen leading the chase, but to no avail, lunch will not be served today!

Then we see the pride again, but this time they are in lush, green area of the desert, due to a waterhole. Some Acacia trees have successfully grown and provide vegetation and cover for the giraffe. The pride of lions, who haven’t eaten for days, are desperate for a kill. This time, they don’t just run directly at the beast, they are more strategic in their approach. The lead lioness positions herself in the predicted path of the fleeing giraffe and the rest of the pride focus on directing their lunch into their leader’s direction. A great strategical plan is implemented, with each member knowing their role and fulfilling it with great precision and accuracy. But once again lunch foils the day and the lions leave hungry.

So what was the difference between the 2 different attacks? The answer was the threat of danger and the higher chance of injury and failure. The pride knew that the deer couldn’t retaliate or fight back, but they knew the kick from a giraffe could kill them, let alone that the long legs of the eloquent beast could outrun the lions.

The change in circumstances, the outcomes of their attacks and the prey that they confronted caused them to strategically adapt and change their approach.

How often do teams struggle to achieve because they apply the same strategies to different situations, challenges and opponents?

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