It’s Christmas……..

Posted on 21st December 2016.

It’s Christmas time, there’s no need to be afraid – that is, unless you’ve had some issues after the works Christmas party!!!

Was the beer and the wine flowing a little too much? Is the photocopier broken, with the remnants of someone’s unsavoury bits on it? Was the mistletoe used a little too much and the Secret Santa banta taken out of context?

Although a festive time of good cheer, how many of your team have overstepped the marks of respectability and caused a problem that will fester over the festive season? How many members of your team have been upset because of inappropriate behaviour, offensive gifts or negative opinions shared openly. This is definitely the time of year that causes many people to feel the urge, or need, to act differently, to release the emotions that have been bottled up all year – generally because of the amount of alcohol consumed and the relaxed atmosphere of the Christmas Spirit.

If you have noticed a tension in the office this week, maybe the usual office banter is missing or people aren’t spending the usual amount of time in the staff room, then maybe you have the after effects of the party bubble popping. Don’t leave it until the new year to sort out, try and speak to all of your staff before they break up for Christmas and make sure you are aware of any issues result from the festivities of the season. It’s not too late!!

If you have had issues, then maybe it’s time to consider the alternatives to the traditional ‘party’ celebrations for next year.

Several companies who we work with have recognised that the Christmas party is not always the best tool to bring the staff team together. Some of their staff make excuses not to come, many just sit on the same table all night with their normal colleagues and don’t interact with others from the company. A few get drunk, overcome their inhibitions and end up upsetting someone else. None of these actions have ever improved the team or celebrated a year of success and triumphs, and so they have used their Christmas party budget to have a team building or development day during the year. They consider this a better use of funds and work with us to create a more purposeful, productive and engaging programme for building and developing teams, and celebrating their success.

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We would like to wish you a very happy and peaceful Christmas time and a prosperous new year.