I’m a celebrity get me out of here!

Posted on 7th December 2016.

So, what do these have in common:


A Southampton born footballer, who’s played for England

A Loose Woman from Prestatyn

An actor and comedian from Gloucestershire

The daughter of Mark & Betty, who is best known for watching the TV

A gold medal winning British hockey defender

A dancer, a model, a DJ and a property expert.


They have recently spent c. 3 weeks in a Jungle Camp helping ITV to achieve their most watched show this year – I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

So why do so many people watch this reality TV show? Is it because Ant & Dec are funny and their cheeky antics make us laugh? Is it because the choice of good looking contestants make the shower scenes raunchy and exciting? Is it because the celebrities are put through a variety of challenges that are ‘edge of the sofa’ dangerous or grotesquely disgusting, and we enjoy seeing how far people will push themselves for our entertainment?

Or is it because we enjoy watching the inter-relationships of people trapped in a confined space, having to deal face on with conflict, sadness, happiness and challenge?

Whenever a group of people are put into a confined environment, especially with few spaces to escape, they display a wide variety of behaviours, both positive and negative. Reality TV shows allow these behaviours to be ‘acted out’ without any intervention from outsiders unless extreme violent/threatening or inappropriate behaviour is displayed, because this is apparently good entertainment.

In business, in our confined workplace, do we consider our staff worker’s behaviour as entertainment, especially when it is conflicting? Probably not, but we would rarely think of bringing experts in to help them work through the negative behaviour, conflicting challenges and difficult issues that people must deal with.

Freax Adventures are experts at helping teams to understand the challenges they face at work and how conflicting or difficult situations can be overcome and worked through as a team. We use a variety of fun based adventurous activities and challenges to engage all participants and work with you to purposely reach your desired outcomes.


If you’re stuck in an office, a jungle or mountain peak, call John for help, cause I’m a freax.