Team Building for Children and Young People

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At Freax Adventures, we provide team building activities for all kinds of people – not just within the corporate environment. One of the most satisfactory areas we work in is in providing team building exercises and challenges for children.

We know that children have a lot of schoolwork to get through and a wide variety of subjects to get their heads around, but there are other important skills that also need to be honed. These skills – such as how to get on with and work well with their peers – is something that can’t really be taught in the way that maths and physics, for example, can. Rather, children need to be taught cooperation, communication and collaboration – frequently. Not only are these skills absolutely essential in promoting a healthy and positive classroom environment, but they also provide a greatly enjoyable and much-needed break from the routine of learning and exam preparation.

Team building for children is therefore a very powerful tool that not only improves their interpersonal skills, but also increases confidence and provides them with additional complimentary techniques that enable them to be more productive both in and out of school.

Freax Adventures provides children with an environment that is hugely enjoyable and creative, and ensures that all children are equally involved and get the best out of their experience and out of themselves.

Our wide range of team building activities for children include both outdoor and indoor activities that are designed to give children the skills that are necessary for future development. Skills such as leadership, problem-solving, collaboration and interpersonal communication, all of which will leave them better prepared for the future and more able to lead a full and rewarding social life.

We aim to build children’s confidence in the following ways:

  • By encouraging creativity and a creative approach to problem-solving
  • By strengthening the concept of team-work and teaching children how to work successfully as part of a team
  • By working on problem-solving and decision-making
  • By focusing on relationships and helping each other

Our team building activities for children cover all ages, from reception age all the way through to young adults.

A large and important part of our service consists in the fact that we are completely mobile, so if you would like a team building event organised at your school, community building or sports venue, we can arrange it. We are based in Birmingham in the West Midlands but are able to travel and deliver our service all around the UK.

Give us a call today on 0121 327 5972 to discuss how your children could benefit from our bespoke team building activities.