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Team building in education is a superb way to develop and build up young people, by encouraging them to challenge themselves and giving them the tools of self-confidence and communication which in turn will enable them to flourish into young adults. Team building for children is renowned for its ability to encourage personal growth and teach them skills that may be impossible to instil from within the confines of a classroom. The effects of team building in education can also extend to team building for staff and governors by allowing healthy communication to grow and in turn enable them to build fulfilling working relationships.

At Freax we have many years of experience in working with children from all backgrounds. We are knowledgeable and capable of addressing a range of behavioural problems and regard team building as an incredible tool to manage the challenges presented by some children. Promoting learning through the guise of fun activities is something we are passionate about. Whether we are encouraging children to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, or simply enjoying onsite activities with them, we understand the inherent value in the time and attention that we give to the children.

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Activities can include traditional walking, mountaineering and mountain biking courses, along with archery and even the classic team building activity – raft building.

Team building for children and young people is an excellent way to deal with behaviour management and bullying issues that can frequently arise in young people. Physical activity is a good way to channel that energy that can sometimes be a factor in unruly or difficult behaviour in the classroom.

Children who have been bullied and lack confidence can be taught to develop their self-confidence by taking on new challenges and learning new skills that may not be available to them in the usual routine of their daily life. Removing children from their established settings by sending them on residential courses, or offsite activities, can resolve personality conflicts that may have arisen in the classroom. This can repair the damage that may have been caused by the breakdown of their relationships with one another.

Equally the value of team building for staff and governors can be priceless. By improving the communication skills amongst colleagues you can achieve greater unity and a higher level of understanding. This can only serve to improve both the education delivered to the pupils and the management of a school. Improving the fundamental core of an education establishment will help to improve the conditions for the young people who attend. The effects will be seen in an enhanced relationship between individual staff members and between staff and pupils. Team building breaks down barriers and helps to resolve conflicts that may have arisen among both staff and pupils.

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