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There are many different forms of shooting and we provide a variety of guns for your enjoyment.

Air Rifles

Target shooting with Air Rifles and hand guns are great fun as you improve your aim and skills hitting small metal targets with .177 and .22 pellets. Our C02 gas powered hand guns include a Walther PPQ, Hammerli S26, Berretta and Smith & Wesson Revolver.

BB Guns

Whether shooting moving or static targets set out in front of you or shooting each other in a scenario based game, BB guns are fantastic fun. We have a variety of guns that shoot small plastic balls in a single shot or rapid fire, providing a great experience. From G36’s and MP5 machine guns to Beretta’s and 1911 hand guns we have a wide range of guns that can be used.

All of our shooting activities have qualified instructors who provide in-depth instruction and safety briefings to make sure your experience is exceptionally enjoyable, safe and exhilarating. These can be used as fun activities on their own, as part of a multi-activity event or as part of a scenario based team building exercise. Call us today to explore these activities further.