Kayaking & Canoeing

Open canoeing is a wonderful way to explore a river, lake or canal whilst relaxing and taking in the scenery. We can arrange canoe trips all over the country, as part of a family holiday, learning outside the classroom experience, a corporate event of any other reason you have for exploring in an open canoe.

Kayaking differs from canoeing as you have two blades on your paddle rather than just one. There are many different forms of kayaking and you can begin with a one, two or three seat Sit-on-top, which enable you to paddle around without having your legs or feet covered by the boat. Other forms of kayaking that we offer include recreational kayaking, touring/sea kayaking and whitewater kayaking. You can learn to manoeuver your kayak on a lake, down a calm or whitewater river or even surf the waves at the coast.

Kayaking can offer an individual learning experience, through to large groups, like a whole class or youth group. We provide both one off experiences and progressive learning, either just for fun or as part of the British Canoe Union Star and Instructor programme. Give us a call to chat through your needs and desires and how we can help you enjoy this fantastic sport.